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Certified translations from a variety of fields:


♦  Notarial matters and testaments

♦  Contracts
    – e.g. employment, purchase, real estate
    – general terms and conditions
    – web pages

♦  Personal matters
    – job application documents
    – Bachelor and Master theses, diplomas
    – birth, marriage and death certificate
    – bertificates: good conduct, work references
    – certificates of university studies
    – deeds

  Commercial texts
    – web pages
    – balance sheets
    – presentations

♦  Judicial matters
    – divorce decrees
    – arrest warrants, penalty orders
    – and much more

♦  Medical opinions
    – medical reports


Simply send in your text (PDF format, Word file, etc.) via email, fax or post, and a free of charge cost estimate will be returned to you at short notice.

Please note that cost estimates require prior presentation (scan) of your document(s).

Please indicate upfront if your translation request requires certification.